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Why partner with US

Awventxr is designed to support the most fundamental need of marketing strategy: CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT
Users can create meaningful campaigns, and deliver remote rendered content to geographically distributed audience through a single virtual XR based campaign environment

Select campaign type (Demo, training, events) and audience to personalise campaigns. With the planner tools select the delivery method and campaign environment.

Create a complete engagement funnel from nurturing to boarding

Our platform supports unlimited user participation in a single event. Allows for consistency of delivery for distributed audience

Create your personalised analytics dashboards or follow our recommended matrices to view analytics based on user participation, action, and behaviour

View end -to end funnel performance and campaign scores and recommendations which can be used as campaign case studies to improve content and user engagements

How to use our platform

Our platform has three core parts: Planner tools, Campaign environment and Analytics. Each designed to support Creation, Delivery and Analyses of campaigns

Planner Tools

Create campaigns, select audience, campaign environment, upload content, and simulate campaign delivery

Campaign Environment

Execute XR based campaign with 3D product modelling and unlimited participation


View real time insights, personalized dashboards, campaign scores based on behavior, actions, and participation

Latest trends and updates

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